• Registered Remover of Goods-in-Bond Haulier

  • 120 cbm closed Pantechnicons (capable of carrying 28,000Kgs)

  • 110 cbm / 30 Palleter Dry-Vans (capable of carrying 30,000Kgs)

  • 30 Palleter Fridge Trailers (capable of carrying 30,000Kgs)

  • Super-Link Flat Decks (capable of carrying 36,000Kgs)

  • 2 to 8 Ton Express Vehicles for your smaller urgent needs

  • Framing of SA Export Documents and Clearing Services offered from SA Port of Exit up to Country of Delivery


  • South Africa

    • Cape Town
    • Gauteng / Johannesburg
    • Durban
    • Most main towns and surrounding areas

  • Other countries

    • Zambia
    • Malawi
    • Zimbabwe
    • Mozambique
    • DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo)
    • Namibia
    • Angola



All vehicles are monitored 24/7/365 by real-time tracking for speeding, harsh braking, battery tampers, high G-force, harsh bump, deviation from routes and panic alarms.

Each horse is also equipped with 4 x surveillance cameras with night vision capabilities:

  • One inside the cab facing forward out the centre of the front windscreen
  • And another one inside the cab facing the driver showing a  full view of the interior
  • One on each side of the vehicle looking down the length of the vehicle


HONESTY, INTEGRITY, EFFICIENCY and DEDICATION are just a few of the attributes you will find when dealing with us.