BEYOND Carriers opened its doors in April 2009 with the specific intention of creating a Cross-Border transport company that would set the NEW benchmark for all others to follow. We believe we have done nothing less than our absolute best to make this a reality.  With over 30 years of combined transport experience we feel the whole team has risen to the challenge AND exceeded all our expectations. 

Everyone knows that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. 

Here at beYond, each staff member knows and understands how important their position is and what an integral part they play to make the day-to-day running of beYond a success.

Do we listen to our customers’ needs intently? YES. Do we concentrate on making their needs a reality? YES! YES! And YES! The market and rules are forever changing and metamorphing, so naturally, we are continuously striving to make logistics run smoother and smoother, even when it looks like it couldn’t get any better...

But, here at beYond, not only do we transport goods and take care of your logistics needs. Our main focus is on YOU as our customer and building and nurturing a strong relationship built on mutual respect, trust and loyalty.

Honesty, Integrity, Efficiency and Dedication are embedded deep within our DNA.

Each customer is updated with a tracking report first thing every morning. This report details where their shipments are and if there is anything unusual that we are attending to. 

Placing a booking with us, guarantees you of the following:

  • Your cargo will be collected on time
  • Your cargo will be delivered on time
  • Whilst in our possession, your cargo will be treated with the utmost care and attention it deserves

We are proud of the fact that in over 10 years we have experienced a 0% pilferage (loss of cargo) track record. Everyone knows that most transport related losses start from within. We, therefore, vet and incentivise our employees appropriately, so that theft should never be an option.

We have particularly focused on dedicated cross-border transport and have an ever-growing list of clients who chose beYond specifically because they demand, expect and deserve nothing but the best.

Come join the team and help us to build the dream.

BEYOND is run with the philosophy that “Success is intentional, not accidental.”

If you’ll go beyond dreaming, and start making plans to succeed,
God promises He’s going to direct your steps and
He will lead you down the path of His favour

Our Mission

To build a transport company with the highest level of Service, Honesty, Integrity, Efficiency and Dedication so as to make beYond the ONLY choice in logistics.

For everyone who works at BEYOND, and all our fantastic customers, to continually strive to be better than they were today. To never stop striving to be better.

Our Vision

  • To provide a service unattainable by others in the industry.
  • To turn our clients' frustrations into triumphs.
  • To make transport with us not just a requirement but a necessity.
  • To be the absolute best at what we do.
  • To make our customers shine in front of their clients.

Our Values and Beliefs

  • Honesty, Integrity, Efficiency and Dedication
  • You cannot benefit off someone else's demise
  • Profit is God’s way of thanking you for hard work
  • There are absolutely NO SHORTCUTS

Our Driver’s Motto

Exceptional DRIVERS, work for
Exceptional HAULIERS, who supply 
Exceptional CLIENTS, with

How can we be of service to you?